Our stock of used propellers varies daily. We usually have a selection of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Nibral propellers. These are a less expensive option for a back-up prop or a prop with different pitch or blades to get performance with different boating conditions (such as more people/loads or watersports). 

We stand behind our props

This makes us different from used props on the internet or from someone else. I have heard too many sad stories from customers stuck with props that don't fit, don't perform, or have bad hubs. My reputation is on anything I sell. To me that is much more important than the few bucks I make on it. 

The used props we get are put into the rebuild process and receive everything from minor cosmetic to major repairs depending upon their condition. Often they are scrapped because they are too badly damaged to be brought back to our standards. When they are finally put on the shelf for sale, I know they should perform as expected. They are always sold with a return option. You rarely get that elsewhere.

used brass propellors for sale at Indy Prop Shop
used aluminum boat propellers for sale at Indy Prop Shop
constantly changing selection of used boat props for sale