Indy Prop Shop can supply a propeller and the attaching hardware for any boat. We have the best prices and are a dealer for all the popular brands: Solas, Rubex, Powertech, Michigan Wheel, Quicksilver, BRP (Johnson/Evinrude), Volvo Penta, ACME, and OJ. 

We usually have in stock all the popular Aluminum propellers. Due to the enormous variety of options of expensive Stainless Steel props, we do not stock many. However, propellers not in stock are almost always available within a day or two.

Because we keep our overhead low, we can pass the savings on to you with the best prices around. 

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Why should you buy from Indy Prop Shop?

Our pride and expert experience means we go the extra mile to ensure we sell you the best prop for your boating experience. 

We always ask several questions about the performance of the boat (e.g., maximum RPM) then give you propeller options based upon your specifics. The wrong prop on a boat can make for a frustrating and sometimes embarrassing day. For example: Hard to or can't get up on plane, can't hold a plane, over revving engine, hard to control, poor maneuverability, prop breaks loose. The list goes on and on. 

Often, if the propeller is a regularly stocked item, we can work out a trial period to ensure it is meeting your expectations. One of my stainless steel suppliers offers a $49 "conditional option" to return a prop in 30 days for exchange or refund if a buyer is not satisfied.

You will never get this kind of service on the internet. 

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