About Indy Prop Shop

Prop repair team Indy Prop Shop Mark Kreger & Ed Buses

On behalf of myself (Mark Kreger, on left) and Ed Buses, we welcome you. This business started more than 25 years ago as "Doug's Props and Tops" on the south side of Indianapolis and moved to the north side of Indianapolis for the last 15 years. I bought the shop in 2007. Being a boater for over 48 years gives me a very personal understanding of your needs.

I spent more than 34 years in the metal casting and machining industry and am an ASE certified engine mechanic. I have completed courses and training in propeller repair at several nationally respected propeller repair shops. I am also certified by the National Marine Propeller Association.

Ed has 35 years of propeller repair experience, including at Precision Propeller Inc., building new "Turbo" props along with repairing props and welding upper and lower units.

Certified Member of the National Marine Propeller AssociationAs a certified repair member of the National Marine Propeller Association, we have access to the best nationwide technical support available for any propeller question. Our specialized equipment is constantly being added to and upgraded to produce the high quality demanded by you.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we stay open later, have Saturday hours, and 24/7 drop-off boxes.